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Shreya Jain is a pure definition of creativity packaged with grand spectacle. Inheriting music from acclaimed Indian classical (Visharad) vocalist and All India Radio (AIR) artist: Mr. Shyam Jain, she is a pure blend of modern music with classical roots. This versatility boosts her to span across various genres including Sufi, Bollywood, Western Classical, RnB, Pop and Soft Rock just to name a few.

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Zealous YouTuber

Shreya started her YouTube channel in May 2017 to showcase her music to the whole world. In less than 10 months she gained over 1 million hits with critical appreciation from the industry leaders about her singing style, unique productions, and visually appealing videos.

Stellar Performer

The queen on social media is also a diva on stage. Shreya is known for her energetic presence in live shows with maximum audience engagement and interaction. With experience of over 200 shows all over the country, she has unique set of content to offer in various kinds of events. To get a gist of it.


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